Professionally Embarrassing

Series 2, Episode 3: a 41 year old child, a bitter family dispute and hurrah for open justice!

December 2, 2021

Bailii cases Siddiqui v Siddiqui & Anor [2021] EWCA Civ 1572
Cathcart v Owens [2021] EWFC 86 Reading/podcast/blog recommendations Transparency in the Family Courts Report Seeing invisible elephants – the transparency review is published, The Transparency Project Blog, BBC Radio 4, The Corrections: The Carbonara Case Tweet of the week Tweet by Elijah Granet @ezgranet BSB Handbook, prepared by Elijah Granet
  With thanks to Kimberley Kenyon (@youcanbelostdesigns on Instagram) for the podcast artwork and to Benjamin Gladman for the podcast music You can follow Malvika and Maddie on Twitter @MalvikaJaganmo1 and @Maddie_Whelan2 While every effort is made to ensure that the contents of each episode is accurate, none of the contents of any episode of Professionally Embarrassing are intended to be a substitute for legal advice. No liability is accepted for any error or omission within any episode.  

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